MYBELLAMY is a personal homage to the Bellamybuurt, the neighborhood in Amsterdam Oud-West where my studio is located.  It is present for those streets and people that have seen my life and practice as an artist evolving in the last 5 years. It is a personal gesture towards those that community that have been part of it. Thank to the support of the local residents, from June 14 to July 5 four  a series of sculptures are hanging decorating the façades of buildings, together with smaller sculptures and paintings available for viewing through windows right on the street. The Bellamystraat becomes an art gallery, open 24/7 to every local and passer-by.

MYBELLAMY is the result of the need to give a positive spin to the unfortunate cancellation of a gallery show due to the Covid-19 outbreak. A personal reaction that could not have happened without the support of a community around me. It has been so special to receive such enthusiastic responses from people and families of the Bellamystraat that accepted to offer their buildings and open up their houses to display my sculptures and paintings publicly.

This added an incredible value to the works and their presentation.

List of works and Locations:

Two couples of shields - Bellamystraat 57; For You (Italy) - Bellamystraat 61; De Konig (The King) - Bellamystraat 63; Rode Zon (Red Sun) - Bellamystraat 68; Man resting on a riverbank and Purpose II - Bellamystraat 75B;  Daedalus - Bellamystraat 88-94; Colombia - A portrait, Bellamystraat 98.


Photos from the opening borrel, Sunday 14th of June, 2020 | Photos: Nafila Maani




De Koning

For You (Italy)

Rode Zon

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