Daniele Scauso (Rome, 1981) is a self-taught Italian artist working between Amsterdam and Rome.

Through his works and on-site interventions, Daniele engages audiences on a wide range of contemporary issues, focusing particularly on human evolution & technologic progress.

Daniele works with a wide variety of media, particularly iron, and found materials. His works range from sculptures and installations, to paintings and photographic collaborations.

With a university and a master’s degree in economics and Marketing, Daniele worked for more than a decade in the Banking and Development Sector occupying managerial positions and traveling the world at large. Since November 2013 he is dedicated full time to art, with commissioned works and exhibitions of his works in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

Alongside his work as an artist, Daniele organizes group exhibitions and artist-led initiatives for the promotion of Arts and Craftsmanship in urban contexts.

Daniele Scauso

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